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    1. Arnold Cavazos

      I have no confidence what so ever in the media to be objective and watch only to see how ridiculous your guest sometimes are, especially the left.

    2. Loretta Romano

      The Senator ? from California Beccera was a waste to have on .
      he did not answer the questions ???
      Total waste of air time.
      The people that should be on and talking about Bengazi are the three soldiers who were there , not all these politicians protecting Hilary Clinton and their jobs.
      This is what all the media should be talking about everyday not just today .
      Eight hundred pages ,????????

      How does she and these politicians sleep nights ????????????

    3. Arnold Cavazos

      I can’t tell just how much I enjoy having coffee with you every morning…Keep up the GREAT work. Thanx

    4. Arnold Cavazos

      Judge Jeanine Pirro, You should come to Bakersfield California and we can tell you exactly what is wrong with my country…This is an oil town that has lost jobs because Hitlery cut a deal with the Saudis…we cannot drill, frac or mine in this country anymore because we have a president with no BALLS!

    5. Roger Givens

      Since when did you become the Clinton political rally channel?
      Listening to that crap is not what I tuned in to listen to during your program.

    6. rolando cuevas

      Like this channel

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